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About Morgan B Willis

At the beginning of March 2020, I had big plans. I would soon graduate college, fly to Europe and hike the Haute trail through the Alps. After traveling around Europe for two months, I would come back to the US to begin a career in public relations and marketing. Much like many others around the world, everything changed with the COVID-19 outbreak. My flights to Europe were cancelled, classes were moved online and I moved back home to finish my last semester of college. 


Despite these setbacks, I still had an urge to travel after graduation. The thought of going straight from sitting in a classroom to sitting in an office all day made my heart sink, especially as I watched vanlifers and adventurers on Instagram travel around the country visiting interesting places. So, I decided to try out vanlife and travel around the country.


Vanlife is new to me and I'm sure there will be many trials and tribulations along the way. I'll be posting regularly about my experiences to share what I am doing and to help others get outside, explore new places and stay active, even if they don't plan to drop everything to travel the country in a camper van.

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